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CakePHP: Configure Mail

As we know, mail feature is required in almost every application. CakePHP also provide support for mail feature. CakeEmail is a new class to send email. You can configure email settings in app/Config/email.php as per your need.

Before sending mail, please ensure that the extension “extension=php_openssl.so” or “extension=php_openssl.dll” is enable in php.ini. Now it’s… Read More »

Zend Framework 2 : Mail

Step 1 : Create a new module ZF2Mail to manage mails in Zend Framework 2 Step 2 : In /path/to/yourapp/vendor/ZF2Mail/config/module.config.php

Step 3 : In /path/to/yourapp/vendor/ZF2Mail/src/ZF2Mail/Mail.php

Step 4 : In /path/to/yourapp/vendor/ZF2Mail/Module.php

Step 5 : In /path/to/yourapp/vendor/ZF2Mail/view/emails/templates/

Click here to download the module : Download