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Setup and Configure CAS(Client Access Server) Server

Installation Requirement Java >=1.7 Apache Tomcat >=3.0 Apache Maven >=3.3 Familiarity with the Spring Framework Internet connectivity JAVA Download and install JAVA: Set environment variables for JAVA: JAVA_HOME and PATH APACHE MAVEN Download and unzip Apache Maven to any location (say C:/maven): Set environment variables for MAVEN: M2_HOME and PATH Update the PATH environment variable for JAVA and MAVEN Generate Keystore file… Read More »

Git: Difference between GIT and SVN

Hello friends, Here we are going to discuss main differences between two famous version control systems(SVN and GIT): a) GIT is a distributed version control system while SVN is a centralized version control system. With Git, each user has a complete copy of the repository data stored locally. Hence, making access to file history extremely… Read More »

Miscellaneous: How session works?

Hello friends, Today, we are going to discuss how session works? But before this, we need to understand why do we need session concept? As we all know that HTTP is a stateless protocol. When a user visits a web site, the user’s browser sends an HTTP request to the web server, which in turn… Read More »

Difference between REST and SOAP

Hello friends, Here are some of the main differences between REST and SOAP: #1) SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol while REST stands for Representational State Transfer. #2) SOAP is a XML based messaging protocol while REST is not a protocol but an architectural style. #3) SOAP has a standard specification but there is… Read More »

Javascript: Advantages and Disadvantages of Ajax

Hello friends, Here we shall discuss about some advantages and disadvantages of using AJAX. Advantages of ajax: #1) Almost supports all modern browsers #2) Reduce the traffic travels between the client and the server. #3) Response time is faster so increases performance and speed. #4) Many open source javaScript libraries available for ajax support like… Read More »

Miscellaneous: Find max and min value from an array without using php array functions

Hello friends, Here we will discuss how to find max and min value within an array without using php array functions. To find minimum value within an array:

Similarly, you can find maximum value within an array:

That’s it

Miscellaneous: Reverse a string without using any built-in php function

Hello friends, Here we will discuss how we can reverse a string without using any php built in functions.

But, we don’t want additional loop for length finding. We can avoid this as below:

That’s it