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Regular Expression: Validate email




Javascript: User interaction – alert, prompt and confirm

Javascript provides some basic UI methods which are very useful in basics UI operations: alert prompt confirm ALERT: Syntax: alert(message) This method accepts one argument. It outputs a window with the message and stops execution until visitor presses “OK” button. PROMPT: This method accepts two arguments. Syntax: var result = prompt(text[, default]); It outputs a… Read More »

Jquery: Detect any change in form before submission

Hello friends, Here, we are going to detect any change in the form content before form submission. Hence, there is no meaning of submitting a form without any content change. Let’s start. Step 1: Create a java-script file(detect-form-change.js) having the logic to detect the change in form.

Step 2: Implementation of logic on forms… Read More »

Javascript: Advantages and Disadvantages of Ajax

Hello friends, Here we shall discuss about some advantages and disadvantages of using AJAX. Advantages of ajax: #1) Almost supports all modern browsers #2) Reduce the traffic travels between the client and the server. #3) Response time is faster so increases performance and speed. #4) Many open source javaScript libraries available for ajax support like… Read More »