Configure MongoDB in Laravel

Prerequisites: MongoDB(Must be installed and working properly) PHP(Must be installed and working properly) MongoDB PHP driver(Must be installed and working properly) Let’s start now. First install the Laravel MongoDB library(

And add the service provider in config/app.php:

You may also register an alias for the MongoDB model by adding the following to the… Read More »

Add MongoDB extension to PHP in windows

[[ Add MongoDB extension to PHP in windows ]] Download( the appropriate Non Thread Safe MongoDB extension based on your PHP version. Extract the downloaded archive and put php_mongodb.dll in your PHP extension directory (“ext” by default). Now, add the following line to your php.ini file:

That’s all. you can check using phpinfo() function… Read More »

Setup and Configure CAS(Client Access Server) Server

Installation Requirement Java >=1.7 Apache Tomcat >=3.0 Apache Maven >=3.3 Familiarity with the Spring Framework Internet connectivity JAVA Download and install JAVA: Set environment variables for JAVA: JAVA_HOME and PATH APACHE MAVEN Download and unzip Apache Maven to any location (say C:/maven): Set environment variables for MAVEN: M2_HOME and PATH Update the PATH environment variable for JAVA and MAVEN Generate Keystore file… Read More »

AngularJS: Introduction to modules

AngularJS has its own modularity system called NgModules. They can contain components, service providers, and other code files whose scope is defined by the containing NgModule. They can import functionality that is exported from other NgModules, and export selected functionality for use by other NgModules. Every Angular app has at least one NgModule(root module) class,… Read More »

AngularJS: Building blocks of AngularJS

Angular is a framework for building client applications in HTML and TypeScript. Building blocks of AngularJS Modules Every Angular app has a root module named AppModule, which provides the bootstrap mechanism that launches the application. NgModules can import functionality from other NgModules, and allow their own functionality to be exported and used by other NgModules.… Read More »

AngularJS: Create angular application using angular-cli

Prerequisites Node.JS Install Node.JS from Check versions of node and node package manager(npm) br executing below commands:

NOTE: Angular apps depend on features and functionality provided by libraries that are available as npm packages. Install the Angular CLI You can use the Angular CLI to create projects, generate application and library code, and… Read More »

PUTTY: Basic PSCP Commands

First Download Putty: Basic PSCP Commands: Copy file from local to server:

Copy file from server to local:


PHP: Check page is refreshed or not

Detect page is refreshed or not using below function and based on that you can perform your some action:


Laravel: Get the query builder instance directly from model

Use the static query() method of abstract class Illuminate\Database\Eloquen\Model.

That’s it. Now, you can use methods like where(), find(), delete(), update(), etc.